About David

David RamirezA man and his guitar... honest, unfiltered and true. In a landscape filled with Top 40 beats and harmonizing folk groups, a lone singer-songwriter definitely has his work cut out for him. But David Ramirez isn't looking to top the charts. He just wants to tell the truth. Read More


  • Serialbox Live Performances

    I'm excited to present 5 new live performances and a mini documentary produced by my good friends at Serialbox. I am so incredibly proud of these sessions.

    Watch it HERE.

  • RAW EP out on iTunes

    While recording the last full length and EP, a few songs were never quite finished, and therefore, never recorded. I've since decided to finish and release them. Last December, I hit the studio and laid them down. For the most part, they were recorded live in one take. This RAW EP also includes a stripped version of "Stick Around".

    Get it on iTunes HERE.

  • Listen to "How Do You Get 'Em Back"

    On April 15th RAW: 5 unreleased acoustic tracks + b sides comes out. Listen to Track 1, "How Do You Get 'Em Back" HERE.

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